Guidelines for Publishing on the Extractives Baraza


The Extractives Bazara encourages the submission of articles that bear directly on contemporary issues in the extractives industry, particularly the Kenyan extractives industry or from the region. The articles should be written in simple language that is accessible to an audience across disciplines and promote conversation across fields and practices.

Please review the following in preparing your article for submission.

  1. Articles submitted for publishing need to be in English, original and exclusive to the Extractives Baraza. We will not consider articles that have already been published, in any form, in print or online.
  2. Articles should be well-written, and we encourage grace as well as clarity. It is important that papers be proof-red carefully before submission. Drafts are not acceptable.
  3. Submissions should be 600-800 words, but submissions of any length will be considered.
  4. You can link back to the article from your own link if you have one to let your readers know about your article. However the language should be professional.
  5. Third party content must be properly attributed and referenced. If any third party is paying the author conditional on the piece getting published, that relationship must be disclosed.
  6. Please avoid self-promotion in the body of articles. Links to personal websites should be included in an author bio at the end of the post.
  7. Writers are required to provide a brief biography (approximately 50 words) describing their expertise. Links to personal or company social media profiles are welcome.
  8. Submissions must meet the Extractives Baraza quality standards in order to get published.
  9. Post should be submitted in a Word document with any images attached separately.
  10. Please email your completed article to
  11. You will be notified by return of email should your article be chosen for publishing on the Extractives Baraza website.
  12. The writer should provide a digital passport size photograph which shall be appended to the article.

 In submitting work to the Extractives Baraza, authors agree to our policies as stipulated in the Terms and Conditions , including free access and use of the material published in it with, of course, proper acknowledgment of authorship and source.

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